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What people say about Eva's Groom...

"I’ve been professionally involved in the dog game for over 50 years. I’ve seen most things! 

What I saw today really impressed me. The grooming room is spacious and clean. I was welcomed and put at ease quickly as my dog was.
Teg is an older dog with a spinal injury. He has never been clipped before.
Penny treated him with gentleness and consideration, allowing him to lie down when he got tired. Teg relaxed quickly . The clipping was carried out efficiently and quickly .
Toys, titbits and praise were given. 
He looks very smart. Thank you Penny. I am delighted." 

Jenny - owner of 9 year old Teg

'Penny was patient with Bo as tonight was our first time at a groomers, made us both feel at ease the whole time.' 

Amber Rose - owner of Bo the collie

Penny was very patient with my rescue Cocker Spaniel, who is very head shy. And she clipped both my dogs beautifully. I would definitely recommend.

Sally - owner of Zeb and Millie the Cocker Spaniels

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