COVID 19 UPDATE 23/10/2021

If you or anyone in your household is self-isolating, classed as vulnerable or has shown any symptoms in the last 14 days, you MUST NOT under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment. Here are the extra measures regarding hygiene and social distancing I am taking to keep you and your pets safe, when you attend a grooming appointment:

  • Providing a safe dedicated drop off and pick up area outside the entrance to the salon.

  • The studio & all grooming equipment will be disinfected after each appointment

  • I will be wearing the relevant PPE and this will be disinfected after each dog has been groomed to prevent cross contamination

  • Payment will be via BACS or requested via a payment link using my payment system ‘Sum-up’

  • Due to the guidelines, owners will no longer be able to stay with their dog whilst it is being groomed

Full Groom

Bathed, Dried and Styled

  • Clipped or scissored

  • Ear Care

  • Nails clipped (if necessary)

Prices start from £35.00

The Works
Groomed from nose to tail...


Bathed, Dried and Styled

  • Deshedding

  • Furnishings trimmed

  • Ear Care

  • Nails clipped (if necessary)


Prices start from £38.00

For hairy woofs...


Nail Clip


Prices start from £8.00

Nail Clip

Hand Stripping

Bathed, Dried and Styled

  • Hand stripped

  • Ear Care

  • Nails clipped (if necessary)

Prices start from £40.00

Perfect for terriers...

Puppy Package

All done with positive reinforcement and at the puppy's own pace. Free meet and greet/ introduction to the salon and at the second session we offer:

  • Bath and dry

  • Clipper/scissor and drier introduction


Free introduction then £23.00

Puppy package
For young or timid dogs...

Bath and Dry

  • Washed and dried

  • Nails clipped (if necessary) 

  • Ear Care 


Prices start from £28.00

Bath time
Bath and dry...

Eva's Groom offers a one-to-one, tailor-made dog grooming service at our purpose built studio in South Somerset.


Penny is a fully qualified Level 3 City and Guilds Dog Groomer and a passionate advocate of reward based training. Eva's Groom promises a safe groom in a calm and compassionate manner, paying attention to each dogs individual needs. We use ethical and all natural grooming products that are kind to the skin and coat and have Cruelty Free International certification.


Our one-to-one service ensures that there is only one dog at a time in the studio providing a relaxed environment,  making it perfect for 'reactive' or nervous dogs who prefer their own space.

Located just off the A37, we are easily accessible from Yeovil, Somerton, Street, Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet.

What we offer...